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Jan 31st, 2015
We are pleased to share that the S/V Mandalay is back on the Caribbean sea as of midnight last night! Headed to Carriacou, Sandy Island, St. Lucia and finally, St. Maarten here we come! Our entire Sail Windjammer family would like to thank you all and our incredible passengers on board for your support during this time!   The well wishes have been overwhelming and we can't express how much we appreciate it!

January 26th, 2015
We would like to update you on an unexpected event that occurred today. Earlier today we had a clean break of our foremast. There was some cosmetic damage, but most importantly all passengers and crew are safe and not in any danger. We have a full ship of 50 passengers and all have decided to stay and continue their trip. We expect to be back on course to St. Maarten by Wednesday. There will be no trip cancellations. This was an unforeseen incident that sometimes happens on a moving vessel of this size. We are ste
ady and strong, fixing the problem, with a new mast ordered from the USA. We thank you for the support and love being sent our way!



The Mandalay is doing fine and she is good and caring hands. The ship is currently in Carriacou, Sandy Island doing it’s last beach splash, a place many refer to as a spectacular aquarium. This week has been very thrilling as we got the chance to call on Palm Island, after many years of exclusion, together with other regular stops including Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Bequia and Union Island.

It may interest you to know that Capt. Paul Maskell was on board to visit. I am sure many of you may have had the opportunity to sail with him in the 80s and 90s. He was the captain of the queen, the Mandalay, for ten years before retiring. He was amazed to see how the ship has been upgraded and transformed. He said she is in a far better shape than she was in 2007. I took him around to see the new and improved navigational bridge with new auto pilots, LRIT Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships, GMDSS Global Maritime Distress System , SSAS, AIS, Max Sea Electronic Charts etc. He walked around the deck and enjoyed the new teak deck and the varnish work aboard. We went to the heart of the ship, the Engine room, and he was blown away with the new fuel efficient consumption generators and other new installed machineries including oily water separator and sewage treatment plant. He visited Boston, the chef, in the galley and was totally in love with the new spacious and stainless galley. He was glad to see the new upgraded and attractive cabins. He was happy and he offered to assist in training of the crew on grounds of safety if need be.

Meanwhile, a greater part of the crew are on board carrying on with maintenance. The crew on board are happy to be around and enjoy doing what they love. I personally handpicked the crew who are seasoned, competent and top notch. I am really happy to have them and the passengers feel safe, secure and happy to be with them as well. 90% of the crew are old members, however the new ones are quick to learn and have blended in very well. Every passenger has said to me the crew are fantastic!

The passengers continue to be amazed and have often ended in tears as the sails are being raised with the playing of the Amazing Grace. Many have told me they never thought they would ever see the Mandalay again. Know that the Mandalay is full of life and drawing people together whether being far or near, they are coming home to the Mandalay. She sails as well as ever.

Once again the Mandalay is alive and there is absolutely no qualm about that. She is calling you to come home. Join us on our weekly cruise from Grenada to the Grenadines to experience what so many are falling in love with.

Capt. Sly
Master of the Mandalay

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